If you don't live or work downtown you may be unaware that every week or so the scene in the repair shop changes slightly. The robot trapped inside has been trying to occupy his time in a variety of ways while the shop owner is away on vacation.

Here is an archive of what he's been up to so far. The most recent photos
will be added to the top as the year goes on.

Reading in his blanket fort.

Photographing the people outside.


Trying to figure out the vacuum.



Paper Airplanes

Ready for a special visitor to walk by today.

The dangerous shipment is safely packed back in it's box.

A package arrives but it should
not have been opened.


Building a tower of stuff

Watching cartoons

Finding his image in some magazines delivered to the repair shop

Unsuccessfully calling for help

Asking for help from the public

Sketching his friend

Photographing the house of cards

Building the house of cards

Trying to stay warm

Making snowflakes

Catching up on science news

Writing the next Great American Novel

A package arrives for the shop owner

Post holiday doldrums

Wishing the passerby's a happy 2012

Wrapping items found around the shop

Decorating for the holidays

Untangling the mess from last year

Left behind